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´╗┐No Nevada Equipoise Racehorse gay marriage licenses

First same sex couple in Washoe Co. to attempt to get a license Anita and Regena Perez.(Photo: "Anadrol 50" )

Same sex couples hoping to get marriage licenses in Nevada on Wednesday ended up disappointed after a day of whipsaw judicial orders and a flurry of legal filings that put the state's gay marriage ban in limbo for now.

In Washoe County, the first couple to attempt to obtain a license was turned down by Clerk Nancy Parent, who said she won't be able to issue the licenses until the federal district court in Reno "Oxandrolone Powder India" issues an Bestellen Cialis injunction against the constitutional ban.

"I'm just so sorry we can't help you yet," Parent told the couple. "I do think Primobolan Usa it's inevitable that we're going to be "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" able to do it."

Exactly when that may be remained in a murky morass of judicial orders issued Wednesday in wake of the 9th Circuit's decision on Tuesday striking down gay marriage bans in Idaho and Nevada. Supreme Court issued an order staying the lower court's opinion and putting same sex marriage on hold in the two states. Supreme Court issued another opinion lifting the stay in Nevada. That appeared to put same sex marriage back on track in the Silver State. Thursday.

Meanwhile, the district attorneys in Nevada awaited an injunction against the gay marriage ban from the federal district court, which would free the county clerks to begin issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples.

"At the end of the day, the ultimate effect remains the same," Deputy District Attorney David Watts Vial said. "The clerk can't start issuing any same sex marriage Primobolan Xbs licenses "buy cheap jintropin online" until an injunction comes out of the district court."

When that might arrive is unclear because of the Coalition to Protect Marriage's request for a stay.

"We've got orders coming in from three different courts," Watts Vial said. "Things are coming in so fast. We're trying to keep track of everything here."

Billy Aaquist, 10, holds a sign during the Celebration Rally for Marriage Equality at the Downtown Plaza Tuesday evening Oct. 7, 2014. His mother Joy is behind him on the right. Jones recused himself from the case, refusing to issue the injunction mandated by the 9th Circuit. Judge James Mahan will take up the case.

Amid the frenetic legal action, Anita Herrera Perez and her partner Regena Perez arrived at the Washoe County Clerk's Office and requested a license. They were the first same sex couple to arrive in person to request a license in Washoe County.