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´╗┐Nor breath nor motion

Why, hello. And welcome! Welcome to my doldrums. I apologize for not fixing up the place, but there's been so much to do: sitting around, staring into space, muttering at the dog, attempting to nap. Making a sandwich and then halfway through forgetting about the sandwich Generika Levitra 10mg and wondering why I'm standing there with a butter knife. Like that! So much.

Would you like some tea? I think I have some, somewhere over here. Of course making tea means heating up Primobolan Hgh Cycle water and finding the tea bags and. What? Was I saying something?

Why are you jumping on the couch? No, no, that's not a ferret scurrying out from under the couch to attack you. That's a dust bunny composed of the intermingling of Charlie and Izzy's fur. Sorry about that. I would have vacuumed but the vacuum cleaner is so heavy, and who can figure out how to plug stuff in? It's like you need a science degree for that. With the larger prong and then the other one. Why not just one prong? I ask myself that more than you would imagine.

And yes, 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone I was wearing these sweatpants the last time I saw you, thanks for asking. Stained, are they? Huh. None of my pants fit me, if you must know. This is frustrating. But then, at least I don't have a stupid ass Kamagra 100 face like you do.

Whoa! Where did that come from? I'm sorry. Your face is not even a little assy. Pants are a sensitive topic for me. As are shirts. Also, life. Can you just sit over there and avert your eyes?

I know the phone is ringing. It does that. It will stop, don't worry.

Also, just so you know, if you "Jintropin China Supplier" ask me how I'm feeling I may start screaming and not stop until you leave. I'm just getting a little weary of that question, is all. I feel like having a sandwich, is how I feel. If only I could work through how that's done, again.

Time for you to go? Lucky! I'm glad at least one of us can enter and depart as we please. Proviron A Che Serve If it's anyone, Oxandrolone Oral it should be you, and I mean that. Sorry about the, you know, dust bunnies, and the insults. Next time you come, we'll find "buy cheap jintropin online" some cups, and then we'll drink some water, maybe with ice cubes! Now if you don't mind, I'm kind of wiped out. You can open the door yourself, right? I thought so. Next time you're here, you'll have to show me how that's done.

Oh, Alice, I'm so sorry you're going through all this. Yet, thank you writing so precisely and beautifully. I've read your posts thinking, "Yes! That's exactly the way I felt after my miscarriages," but had no way to articulate it. And with my last miscarriage, I could only refer to it obliquely in my blog because I knew people at work were reading it. So I had/have no outlet, except through you. Not that I would ever in a million years asked you to do that for me/us. Or 20.