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Norm Foster's popular Affections of May plays St

Audiences can't help but fall head over heels for the latest offering on stage at the St. Jacobs Country Playhouse. Full of sparkling wit and pearls of wisdom to tug at your heart strings, The Affections of May runs for the next two weeks through June 22 at the St. Jacobs Country Playhouse.

From the pen of Canada's renowned playwright Norm Foster, The Affections of May is his most produced play. With its engaging characters and twisting story line, this light hearted look at life after marriage will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.

"Foster's delightful sense of humour and exceptional insight to the human condition radiates throughout this charming comedy," said Alex "Anaboliset Aineet" Mustakas, artistic director of Drayton Entertainment. "If you're looking for a fun evening out, The Affections of May is definitely the play for you."

After one season of running a bed and breakfast together, Brian Henning realizes that he isn't cut out for the pace of small town life. He informs his wife, May, that he's leaving her for Masteron King the big city and the arms of an old flame.

Within days the town is abuzz with the news that May is single Is Testosterone Propionate Illegal and eligible. The pursuit is on, as two outlandish bachelors compete for her undivided attention. One is a banker who promises security; the other a handyman who awakens May's long lost desires.

While piecing her life back together, May must decide what she wants. Will it be bachelor number one, the nerdy bank manager; bachelor number two, the brooding resident handyman; or three, her unfaithful husband? Only time will tell who will win the affections of May.

At the heart of this amusing story is May Henning, a feisty former schoolteacher who wanted to reinvent her life but suddenly Buy Kamagra finds herself alone with a failing bed and breakfast Buy Cialis Switzerland on her hands, and at the centre of an awkwardly hilarious love triangle.

Jackie Mustakas brings great comedic sensibility to the role of May, who must work through the departure of her husband and gain acceptance for the stark reality of her new life. Radiating sweetness and light, Mustakas endears herself to the audience by skilfully manoeuvring her character through many funny Proviron Cycle Length situations from denial to acceptance, frustration to intoxication.

The man who sends May on this emotional roller coaster ride is Billig Generisk Cialis her estranged husband, Brian. He selfishly abandons May to reclaim his old life in the big city and a fateful relationship with his long time mistress. Leaving May penniless and alone, Rick Hughes aptly portrays Brian as overconfident and cruel. You can't help but root for his downfall.

After Brian's departure, two local suitors enter May's life without delay. First on the scene is Quinn, the handyman who has recently become homeless and who takes up residence at May's B Paul McQuillan is perfectly cast as the likeable but not so mighty Quinn. McQuillan displays great comedic chops, especially when his character "Anabolika Definition" entertains May in a late night scrabble game that's full of risqu innuendos.

The second suitor to come calling is Hank Beavis, a bank manager who attempts to appeal to May with his dubious business acumen. Hank is wonderfully portrayed by J. Sean Elliott. His physical comedy is so spot on that Elliott has the audience laughing from the moment he wipes his feet on May's door mat. Hank also gets plenty of laughs when he and May return from a Halloween dance, dressed as a giant bunny with a sizeable carrot dangling from his neck.

At the helm of this production, director James Kall expertly guides a talented cast to deliver fast paced dialogue with impeccable timing. As he has proven with past Drayton Entertainment productions, Kall clearly brings out the best in each of his talented performers and the result is a production that gleams with humour and light.

"The Affections of May is a love story told in a fun, intelligent and entertaining way. Exploring themes of heartbreak and rebirth, Norm Foster's comedy shows that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel and the promise of a better tomorrow," said Mustakas.