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MP's "Anadrol 50" view on refugee reforms 'imbalanced'

MP Peter Braid's column of April 14 on "Balanced Reforms for Refugees" unfortunately represents an "imbalanced" perspective.

Braid's summary of the problems with the refugee adjudication process and of the proposed Bill C 11 to reform that system places undue weight on the minority of claimants whose cases are not valid within current United Nations definition of a refugee.

The proposed legislation will have the effect "Anadrol 50" of penalizing the thousands of refugee claimants who are legitimately fleeing environments of violence and persecution in order to 'catch' those who, in all likelihood, will be deported from Canada eventually anyway. Braid failed to mention that Canada does in fact reject over half of the refugee claims brought forward, and deports approximately 10,000 individuals each year a number that is going up.

Two significant problems with Bill C 11 are this: first, while it aims to hurry up the refugee claims process (a positive intent), it will do so by thus limiting the time that a newcomer to Canada has to put together what is often a very complicated and trauma laden personal history. And further, the Bill would see what might be the most important decision in that newcomer's life, made by a single civil servant at the local Citizenship and Immigration Office. This is significantly less than we offer criminals in our justice system.

Secondly, the creation of "lists" of countries that are Buy Cheap Jintropin Online "unsafe" (thus refugee claimants are legitimate) and "safe" (thus refugee claimants are invalid) is a political minefield. Such Masteron E 200 an approach harkens Gensci Jintropin back to the Cold War era "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" when Canada Masteron E Oxandrolona recognized refugees from Sovietbloc left wing countries (countries now deemed "safe") but rejected claims from U. S. backed right wing dictatorships.

A refugee claimant, no matter where he or she comes from, should be allowed to have their claim evaluated on its own merits. Human rights abuses, such as gender discrimination or minority religious persecution, can lurk in surprising places, even in countries as "safe" as Mexico or Czechoslovakia.

Some of the Bill's intents are good: yes, let's increase the number of sponsored refugees now waiting overseas for a home in this country; yes, let's speed Oral Steroids Side Effects In Babies up the process, but in a way that does not undermine the hearing of a full account for each claimant by a well informed and unbiased committee.

That Canada has a system full of "generosity and goodwill" is not something we should be embarrassed about or try to downplay.

I personally would much rather see Canada's reputation in that regard enhanced for the hundreds of thousands of refugees who simply want to live with their families in peace, than watch those treasured characteristics erode as we focus all our energies on those few we deem to be less deserving.